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Skydive Palm Beach Posted by: Skydive Palm Beach 5 months ago

Skydiving Cost: What You Need to Know

One of the most common questions we encounter is, “how much does skydiving cost?” The truth is, skydiving is not a cheap hobby, but the exhilaration it brings is worth every penny. It is an adventure that defies explanation, and you just have to experience it firsthand to truly understand what the hype is about. Dive into the details below to learn more about the costs and considerations associated with one of the most thrilling activities on the planet!

woman and tandem instructor in skydiving freefall over florida

Average Cost of Skydiving 

Tandem skydiving, where you’re harnessed to the instructor, is the most popular choice for first timers. For the jump itself, prices typically range between $200 and $300, but there are several factors that contribute to the final price. At Skydive Palm Beach, tandem skydiving costs $220 if you use a credit card and $200 if you pay with cash. 

Coming as a group? Book together save! Groups of 10 or more save $20 per person! The more the merrier!   

Factors Influencing the Cost to Skydive 

How much does it cost to go skydiving? It depends. We know that’s kind of a frustrating answer, but it simply isn’t black and white. Every state is different. Scratch that – every market is different. Researching “how much does it cost to skydive in Florida” will give you a range of answers because it will depend on which part of the Sunshine State you want to jump in. Don’t rely on geography and price alone to guide your way, let’s look at what really matters when choosing a skydiving dropzone. 


There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a parachute jump, with safety being the primary one of a reputable skydiving operation. This is definitely not an area you want a dropzone to cut corners on! Maintaining aircraft and skydiving equipment is a crucial and costly aspect of an enjoyable skydiving experience.  

In addition, the expertise and experience of the staff plays an important role in ensuring a culture of safety. All of our team members undergo rigorous training, our dropzone adheres to all rules and regulations set forth by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), and our safety record is unblemished.

When considering skydiving, remember that commitment to safety always trumps price. While the cost of skydiving may vary depending on location and other factors, the prioritization of safety and professionalism is priceless. 

Male tandem skydiving student in white sweater in freefall above South Florida


Location plays a significant role in the price of a skydive. How much it costs to skydive in Florida is likely lower than the cost of skydiving in, say, Iowa because there is increased competition among dropzones here. 

The views at altitude and on-site landing areas and spectator facilities will also affect price. A prime location and state-of-the-art amenities come with a higher price tag. It all depends on what you’re looking for in your experience. 

When you jump with us at Skydive Palm Beach, you’ll soak in breathtaking views of the Pahokee Marina and State Park, glittering Lake Okeechobee (the second largest freshwater lake in the US!) and the surrounding Scenic Trail, The Glades, and even Lion Country Safari. Our location is easy to get to – we’re just an hour or so from West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, and Boca Raton, and less than two from Miami, Vero Beach and Fort Myers!

Here are some other things you may not immediately think to consider: do you take off and land at the same location? Is there room for guests? We always advise bringing your hype crew along to cheer you on! We have plenty of space for spectators including a large, shaded area and an air-conditioned lounge.


When it comes to skydiving, it’s vital to remember that price tags don’t always reflect the true value of the experience. While opting for a cheaper option might seem tempting, it’s essential to recognize that quality matters. Likewise, assuming that a bigger price tag is superior could lead to disappointment.  

Some dropzones may entice customers with flashy gimmicks like “ground rush” tandems. These are tandems where jumps are made from the lowest allowed altitude, but they are priced higher. They will market this as the ultimate adrenaline rush, but really, they are preying on your lack of knowledge about the sport. You certainly shouldn’t be paying more for less. 

While it’s important to note that the adrenaline rush of skydiving is inevitable, regardless of altitude, the average height for a jump is between 10,000 and 13,000 feet. At Skydive Palm Beach, we prioritize the thrill of freefall, jumping from a height of 10,000 feet. At speeds of 120 miles per hour this is 40 blissful seconds of freefall. Our focus remains on delivering an unforgettable experience without unnecessary frills. 

Customer Service 

And what about the customer service? Is the dropzone a small family run business, is it a tandem factory where your instructor spends minimal time with you? You can visit the dropzone’s website to learn more about their history and meet the team

Another great tool is to pay attention to the reviews. How do people feel when they leave? Do they feel prioritized, safe, and emboldened? How was their customer service experience? This is likely your first introduction to this amazing sport, and we want it to be a good one.  

Here are some of our recent reviews: 

The best experience ever!! The pros were super nice, to the point professional, and so laid back that you just felt like you’re just about to have the best time!! The pilot is the coolest and the hangar is just out of a movie cool!! I’m so grateful for the entire experience and will never forget it! Thank you all! I recommend going early in the morning as the sky was clear, the air was fresh and you get to appreciate the views and love planet earth a bit more.

– Emma V.

Awesome crew, and my best experience skydiving yet! Beautiful spot, over the water, with a great group of people. They guide you step by step to make sure everything is top notch, safe, and you’re ready for an incredible experience. And it was!

-Austin N.

Thank you so much for such a great experience. We had an amazing time. The best part was how fun Matt, Chase and Will made it for us. I enjoyed jumping with Matt so much simply because he enjoyed it as well. I will be back with my full team in Dec. Can’t wait to jump with you guys again! Thank you

-Beach Dog

It’s essential to research thoroughly to ensure you’re choosing a reputable and transparent facility. 

woman in pink shirt and tandem instructor steer the parachute

Extra: Capturing the Moment

Listen. We know skydiving isn’t a cheap endeavor … but you’ve got to consider adding video to your first-time skydiving experience. Your first jump is a once-in-a-lifetime moment worth preserving: document your skydiving experience with videos and photos! Whether you become a seasoned jumper or not, rewatching your first skydive will never get old. 

Unlike other dropzones, our prices are a what-you-see is what-you-get. How much would it cost to skydive and add video? At Skydive Palm Beach, our video and picture package is $120. So, all in, it’s $320 if you pay in cash. That’s doable, y’all. Skip the drive through or the coffee line for a bit and you won’t even flinch when you book your jump. 

Extra: Tipping Your Instructor 

Tipping your instructor is a personal decision and it is never expected. If you feel like your instructor provided exceptional service and made your skydiving experience truly unforgettable, consider expressing your gratitude with a tip. Tipping amounts are entirely at your discretion and can vary based on factors such as the quality of service, your overall satisfaction, and your budget.  

Another way to express your gratitude is to leave a five-star review that mentions the dropzone and your instructor by name. Not only will it give your new favorite place and people a little shine, but it will also help others who are searching for the best place to skydive in Florida to find Skydive Palm Beach! 

Learning to Skydive

If you’re ready to take your skydiving journey to the next level, consider learning to skydive solo. Training programs in the United States can vary widely in costs, ranging from $2000 – $4000 or more. It is essential to research programs and different schools, considering factors such as instructor experience, safety record, and the quality of the training program. How many jumps with an instructor does this program include? What about tunnel time, is this offered? 

We do not offer a student program at Skydive Palm Beach, but after you’ve landed from your tandem skydive and we’ve got you hooked, we can help guide you in the right direction! 

Two female tandem skydiving students pose in front of an airplane at Skydive Palm Beach in South Florida

Book Your Tandem Skydive 

Ready to take the leap? We are biased, we know, but at Skydive Palm Beach we offer an exceptional experience with personalized service, breathtaking views, competitive pricing, and we have plenty of room for guests. We aim to make your skydiving adventure unforgettable. Book your skydive today and let us show you why skydiving is an experience like no other! Blue skies!

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