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Palm Beach County's only Skydiving facility is just a phone call away. Haven't you always dreamed of making a Skydive? You are on our website ... YOU are thinking about Skydiving, aren't you? Take your time, browse around but then pick up the phone and call 561-JUMP-NOW to book your Skydiving Experience in Palm Beach, South Florida's most convenient Tandem Skydiving location: 25 Minutes from West Palm Beach, 60 Minutes from Ft Lauderdale and a little over an hour from Miami. You won't regret it.

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If your goal is to make a Tandem Skydive in South Florida, with amazing views of the Palm Beaches and Lake Okeechobee, with some of the most experienced and professional Skydive Instructors in the World of Skydiving, you have to look no further than Skydive Palm Beach. Please check out our website and then simply dial the easiest number in South Florida to make a reservation for your Tandem Skydive and for the thrill of a life-time: 561-JUMP-NOW 561-586-7669.

How safe Skydiving at Skydive Palm Beach?

Skydive Palm Beach has an impeccable safety record. We use only state of the art equipment. Our staff members are United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified, have many years of experience in the sport and are highly trained. (You may be in greater danger driving your car).

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It doesn't get more 'extraordinary' than giving somebody a Gift Card for a Tandem Skydive over South Florida, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the country. If you want to surprise a loved one with the gift of a life-time, just give us a call at 561-JUMP-NOW (561-586-7669)

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The feeling of flight is incredible!

Freefalling is not the 'roller coaster drop' feeling most people expect it would be. It is a comfortable sensation of floating or flying. When you jump out of an airplane, it doesn't feel like a 'Height' but rather an 'Altitude'. Even people who are afraid of heights enjoy Skydiving because you are so high above the earth, that you are very much detached from the ground, just like when flying in an airliner. If you are not afraid when you look out an airliner's window, you'll do OK on your Skydive as far as your 'fear of heights' is concerned..


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Our Gold Option package includes a Tandem Skydive + a video of your Jump!

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Our Silver Option Includes 1 Tandem Jump!

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Pulling up at the airport I didn't know what to expect. When I met the staff, I instantly felt like I was in good hands. A young couple had just made a Skydive before me and their grins were from ear to ear. My Dad had made a Skydive a long time ago in the Military and ever since I was curious how it would feel to make a Skydive myself. Being able to do a 'Tandem Skydive' so close to my home in Ft Lauderdale with a Skydiving Instructor attached to my back finally made me do it. I tell you what: Skydiving was certainly one of the best things I've ever done in my life and I wish I had done it a long time ago. Thanks a lot to the amazing staff. From Skydive Instructor to Pilot to the fellow that edited my Skydiving Video - you are amazing and a class-act

- Doug

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