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Palm Beach County's only Skydiving facility is just a phone call away. Haven't you always dreamed of making a Skydive? You are on our website ... YOU are thinking about Skydiving, aren't you? Take your time, browse around but then pick up the phone and call 561-JUMP-NOW to book your Skydiving Experience in Palm Beach, South Florida's most convenient Tandem Skydiving location: 25 Minutes from West Palm Beach, 60 Minutes from Ft Lauderdale and a little over an hour from Miami. You won't regret it.

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    Live your Dreams. Skydiving is a big one, don't miss out on it.

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    We are certain you'll love being around our awesome staff.

    Laugh your pants off and create a memory that lasts a life-time.

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If your goal is to make a Tandem Skydive in South Florida, with amazing views of the Palm Beaches and Lake Okeechobee, with some of the most experienced and professional Skydive Instructors in the World of Skydiving, you have to look no further than Skydive Palm Beach.

Please check out our website and then simply dial the easiest number in South Florida to make a reservation for your Tandem Skydive and for the thrill of a life-time: 561-JUMP-NOW (561-586-7669).

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    Safety first - with a 100% Safety record, the choice is easy. Isn't safety always #1? Inquire about Skydive Palm Beach's Safety Record for yourself..

    Why Skydive anywhere else when you can enjoy amazing views of the Palm Beaches and Lake Okeechobee while Skydiving?

    Skydive just 25 Min from West Palm Beach, 60 Min from Ft Lauderdale and 1:15 from Miami. Skydive Palm Beach is South Florida's most convenient Skydiving Location.

    The Skydiving Instructors at Skydive Palm Beach have tens of thousands of Skydives between them and are members of the United States Parachute Association.